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Ingrid Abild-Pedersen

Ingrid Abild-Pedersen

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What others say:

"As I start the new year of 2016, I reflect on what worked well in 2015 and what could be done better in 2016.  My mind goes back to Ingrid's workshop I attended in November. At the workshop, Ingrid communicated recognizing the "5 levels of communication" to better handle conflicts with children without feeling emotionally drained. Ingrid's refreshing and enlightening approach was how and when to choose our words wisely, especially with people we love the most; our children and spouses. Her approach was very practical and has proven effective with my tween daughter and my "9 going-on 13" year old son. In the workshop Ingrid shared her methodology emphasizing a kind-hearted, but firm approach when interacting with family members. Ingrid also shared her own experiences, for example when she allowed her son to fail, in order for him to learn; a very important lesson for all parents. Her guidance helped me to remove some of the anger and stress from my words.  Instead of seeking tighter control of our children, Ingrid's methods open up an approach that restores the power and decision making to the children, thus creating a healthy, engaged, self-confident and happier child. Happy child, happy mom."
- Cathy T.

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