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"Ingrid has done a wonderful job recapturing my daughters confidence. My daughter had a severe head injury in high school and it has been a life changing experience. She has had to relearn everything in life... walking, talking, and all her academic abilities. By far the most challenging part has been finding her new social world, and rebuilding her confidence has been paramount to her success in all this rebuilding, most especially that social world. Ingrid has pushed her to be all that she can be. She is a very good listener and yet strongly encourages... in a kind and gentle way how to tap into the inner potential we all have and make the most of life. Ingrid is no pushover she will deal with the hard issues and as a parent I really appreciate this piece! Ingrid gets things done in a timely manner! None of this stringing you along for more money! I highly recommend her!"

- Signed.... a mother 


“Wow! What a pleasure it has been working with Ingrid. She has immensely helped me grow and become more confident. I can truly call her a friend after working with her. A great part about working with Ingrid is the fact that she pushes when she needs to but, backs off before you get the feeling like nothing good is going to come of the task she asked of you. The ABSOLUTE best part of Ingrid is that she is not a psychologist and is not afraid to tell you what is wrong. To add one more thing, she gives real life examples as to how you can capitalize on opportunities.”
- Young adult brain injured survivor 


"As I start the new year of 2016, I reflect on what worked well in 2015 and what could be done better in 2016.  My mind goes back to Ingrid's workshop I attended in November on how to "Break out of being an auto-pilot mom".  At the workshop, Ingrid communicated recognizing the "5 levels of communication" to better handle conflicts with children without feeling emotionally drained. Ingrid's refreshing and enlightening approach was how and when to choose our words wisely, especially with people we love the most; our children and spouses.  Her approach was very practical and has proven effective with my tween daughter and my "9 going-on 13" year old son.  In the workshop Ingrid shared her methodology emphasizing a kind-hearted, but firm approach when interacting with family members.  Ingrid also shared her own experiences, for example when she allowed her son to fail, in order for him to learn; a very important lesson for all parents.  Her guidance helped me to remove some of the anger and stress from my words.  Instead of seeking tighter control of our children, Ingrid's methods open up an approach that restores the power and decision making to the children, thus creating a healthy, engaged, self-confident and happier child.  Happy child, happy mom."
- Cathy T.


"I cannot speak highly enough for Ingrid who really listens and connects to the circumstances to provide not just theories but actionable suggestions that I was able to put into play to make an immediate difference. She asks pointed questions to get around resistance to change to create positive scenarios by implementing simple changes. Ingrid is fantastic life coach! Her difficult personal experiences make her all the more effective at what she does."



"Ingrid is an amazingly compassionate and heartfelt coach. Completing the assessment debrief with her really opened my eyes to how my energy had been impacting how I show up in my relationships and how it had been limiting the growth of those relationships. Ingrid’s coaching helped me increase my energy levels and enabled me to look at myself, other people, and the world differently so that I can have the relationships that I desire."

-Key, California


“I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Ingrid.  Ingrid is straightforward, but at the same time she is so intuitive and caring in her approach.  She was able to help me identify issues that were holding me back in my relationships.  With coaching I was able to address these issues.  Ingrid provided me with the tools and practical steps to help me address and move past these blocks.  It is still a journey but I can truthfully report that with coaching my relationships are happy, healthy and thriving.  Thank you Ingrid!”  

-S. Brown


“Ingrid has been coaching me since March, 2014, and I’ve seen significant improvement in both my personal and professional relationships. She asks the difficult questions and pushes me to identify the deep issues. Refusing to allow her clients the easy route, she instead encourages true change by working through the rough times. I appreciate how she helps me set short and long terms goals and then continually keeps me accountable. Working with Ingrid has truly changed my life, and I highly recommend her as a coach.”

-Donica H.


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