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What some readers are saying;

“Ingrid’s inspiring journey of breaking old patterns and creating new ones beautifully illustrates the power of coaching and the potential that each of us possesses for transformation.”

- Bruce D Schneider, Founder of iPEC Coaching and Author of Energy Leadership

“Childhood trauma undoubtedly profoundly impacts the lens through which one sees and operates in the world. Ingrid paints this picture while also showing that it is possible to move towards recovery and healing despite what occurred in the past. Unmasked is a beautiful story of hope and a journey towards healthy living despite a traumatic and painful past.”

- Kylie Billingsley, PhD

“Ingrid Abild-Pedersen has so poignantly shared with us what was behind her mask, bravely stepping out of her comfort zone to show us how to do the same. May we all have the courage to step out from behind what binds us to develop into the people we were meant to be.”

- Iris Kaddis, MD, Pediatrician, Northern California

“A compelling look into one woman’s triumphant victory over what once seemed
insurmountable. Ingrid’s telling of her own recovery story, coupled with her
professional lens, is invaluable to anyone recovering from childhood trauma.”
- Erika Bent, LPCC, LMFT, CEDS-S, Psychotherapist

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